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Camp Out Indoors!

We’re all going a bit stir-crazy staying at home. An exotic summer vacation seems like a thing of the past or maybe the distant future. But with some imaginative thinking, we can still get away. It’s the perfect time to listen to the call of the wild – just from the comfort of our living rooms.

From my perspective, you can’t beat indoor camping. No bugs. Indoor plumbing. Climate control. Easy access to the refrigerator. And the only critters are usually domesticated. Getting the family involved is a good distraction right now and, more importantly, it’s a great way for a family to have fun together.

We created our mini camper just for this sort of mini-road trip, but any sort of tent or fort will do. You’ll need sleeping bags and pillows, favorite stuffed animals, flashlights, an imaginary campfire, fun activities to keep the kids busy and lots and lots of snacks. After you set up your tent and roll out your sleeping bags, plan some activities to keep everyone involved.

Sing campfire songs. Play musical instruments (especially your guitar). Read together by flashlight and then run around and play flashlight tag. Make shadow puppets against the wall. Huddle around a laptop and watch camping-themed movies. Tell (moderately) spooky stories. Most importantly, don’t forget the s’mores. You can make them in the oven, microwave, stovetop or grill.

Just because we’re staying at home doesn’t mean that with enough imagination we can’t travel. Adventure awaits!

I am the current Design Manager at Asweets but started my career over 15 years ago with The Land of Nod creating bedding, rugs, lighting, accessories and then exclusively toys. My joy is surfing Instagram to see actual kids & families (even dogs) playing with toys I designed.